Volunteers Needed


Do you find yourself wanting to help more in your community?  Would you like to meet new people?  There are opportunities all over the RM of Roblin to leave your mark...



No pay, but the hours are short and the job satisfaction is high! 

Cartwright-Mather Health Auxiliary is an independent organization that supports various health related projects in our community.  What we really need is you!!   We need more active members (go to meetings and help make decisions), and more associate members (help out at events and fundraisers).  If you are new to the community and want to learn more about this place you call homeor if you just want to have a say or make a difference, consider joining us.

Each year we provide a small bursary to a student taking a health related post-secondary course.  We also have a basic supply of equipment, such as canes, walkers, a wheelchair, available for short term loan.  We support South Cancer Resource.  This year we have committed to supporting the students currently taking the ambulance training course.  We are very excited that we have physician services, and anticipate helping with this in some small way.

We have meetings in the back room at the Cartwright Hotel, where the atmosphere is relaxed and there are toys for the children to play with.  We have 10 regular coffee meetings a year, with each meeting lasting about an hour.  Membership fees are $5.00 per year.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please feel free to join us.  If you have questions, please call Mary Livingstone at 204 529-2086.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


The Cartwright Centennial Auditorium Board is currently looking for another member to join our team.  We have a great group of volunteers that meet a few times each year to discuss events and set the annual budget.  If you have wanted to contribute to the community of Cartwright but weren't sure how, this is a great opportunity for you!  Please call with any questions:  Scott Mowbray, President (204-529-2444), Troy Stozek, Vice-President (204-529-2083) or Maggie Hayward, Sec-Treas (204-529-2284).


In 1991, the school board of the time planned to cut Grades 10, 11, and 12 from Cartwright School.  The community was not willing to allow this to happen and so after many community consultations and alternative options failed, they decided to form a private school in order to offer complete grades in our community.

The community simply sought to keep a complete school in town, so their students wouldn't have to face a long bus ride, and be excluded from sports and jobs that take place after school.  So the tuition for CCIS is extremely low, but parents and other community members are expected to contribute funds and volunteer their time, year after year, to keep the school going.  That has been a hard slog throughout the last 20 years, but the end result, seeing another group of students graduate at home each year, is so very rewarding. (reprinted from the Southern Manitoba Review on the occasion of CCIS's 20th Anniversary).

There are many ways to contribute to CCIS, whether it be a donation of time or money.  The board is always looking for people to assist with fundraising efforts, or sit as a director on the board.  All contributions no matter how big or small, are vital to the continued operation of CCIS.

If you are interested in contributing your time to CCIS, please call Sally Calcott, Sec-Treas (204-529-2367)


The mandate of this committee is to raise awarness of the benefits and importance of an age friendly community.  With the help of the communities of Cartwright, Mather and the RM of Roblin, the whole community was assessed to ensure policies, services and structures are accessible to allow for security, good health and full participation in society. (ie: easy access to sidwalks, businesses and washrooms, for seniors, disabled and parents with small children)

The Age Friendly Council of Cartwright, Mather, and the RM of Roblin are looking for council members!  Please call Lynn at (204-529-2590) if you would like to help.