Municipal Office information

Information regarding the Municipal Office for the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin


[img_assist|nid=474|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=196]The office is located at 485 Curwen Street, Cartwright, mailing address Box 9, Cartwright, MB ROK OLO, telephone number 204 529 2363 or fax 204 529 2288. The office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, closed for lunch 12 noon to 1pm. The RM of Roblin shop is located west of town along hwy #3.


RM of Roblin council are; Jack Daly, Brian Decosse, David Melvin, Bill Thiessen and Reeve Tom Mowbray. Council meetings are the second Tuesday of the month.


Village of Cartwright council are Mayor Brent Pawich, Vic Hildebrand, Joan Ostrom and Rod Lovell. Council meetings are the third Monday of the month.


Staff at the municipal office are Chief Administrative Officer Colleen Mullin, Assistant Administrative Officer Glenda Drewry, Office Assistant Terry Vincent, Office Assistant/Recreation Director Oksana Lazarenko, Economic Development Officer Dustin Mymko. The office also is the location for the part-time services of Resource Coordinator for SSCMR Lynn Froese and Weed Inspector/Building Inspector Kent Shewfelt.


RM of Roblin staff include Mike McConigal, Stanley Barber and Donnie Ellison. Village of Cartwright staff include Jim Aitken and Dale Lamblez. The municipal corporations also employ part time summer staff Delores Marchant.


The municipal office is the location to pay water bills (for the Village), municipal taxes, purchase municipal maps, apply for development and building permits, send faxes and get photocopying done (for a fee) and ask any questions. The Roblin-Cartwright Planning District and Louise Roblin Weed District are located within the Municipal Office along with the Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation, Roblin Cartwright Recreation Commission and Seniors Services of Cartwright, Mather and RM of Roblin.