Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation (CDC)

The Mission Statement of the CDC

The mission of the Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation is to maintain and grow our community by working collaboratively to increase economic activity and promote our community.

The CDC Board of Directors are members of the local community - a representative from Municipal Council, a representative from Cartwright School, a representative from the LUD of Mather and residents from various sectors of our community. The current board members are as follows:

Chair - Curtis Lees (Member at Large - Rural East)Vice-Chair - Tom Mowbray (Member at Large - Rural West)Treasurer - Sherry Mullin (Member at Large - Rural East)Council Appointee - Jolene McDonaldCartwright School Appointee - Vince HaightLUD of Mather Appointee - Ryan PogsonMember at Large - Cartwright - Cathy HildebrandMember at Large - Cartwright - vacantMember at Large - Rural West - vacant


The CDC is involved in many aspects of life in our community. We play a large role in the annual Ponderosa Days celebration held each year on August Long Weekend as well as the Sports Day in Cartwright held every November and the Mather Fall Festival held every September/October. The CDC also administes a Community Loan Program, intended to help small businesses (or local organizations) in our community get started or expand their operations. We also are responsible for the Cartwright Killarney Boissevain Settlement Services (CKBSS), which offers settlement support to any Permanent Residents located in those communities. This program is funded in part by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Community Loan Program

 In October of 1995, the Province of Manitoba announced the Community Works Loan Program (CWLP) to assist local communities to set their own economic priorities, help small business expand, and assist new entrepreneurs in getting started. Local communities were required to match the provincial contribution on a 2:1 basis and so, in January of 1998, $50,000 in provincial funds were matched by $25,000 from the Roblin-Cartwright CDC for a total small business loan fund of $75,000. The loan program offered loans of up to $10,000 at prime lending rate for up to five years with an initial 3 month grace period and saw a successful run in our community.

 The provincial funds were recalled in 2012 as the Province discontinued the program, citing limited lending activity. This may have been the case across the province as a whole but locally the program was quite well received. Between the years of 1998 and 2012, 45 separate loans were issued in varying amounts totaling over $297,000. Deeming this program to be an important piece of the economic picture, the CDC board elected to continue the program even in the absence of provincial funding. In the six years since the government removed its support, the local board has issued an additional 13 loans for over $165,000.

 These loans are available to any new or expanding business in Cartwright-Roblin Municipality. The application process involves the development of a business plan, cash flow forecast, and projected income statement. Assistance is available from Community Development Officer Dustin Mymko in preparing all of the requirements of the application. If you or anyone you know is interested in starting or growing a local small business, all inquiries are welcome. Further information can be obtained by calling CDO Mymko at 204-529-2307 or by emailing